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HRV-training manual (free download)

HRV-training is a type of heartrate biofeedback training based on a specific breathing technique. HRV-training has a profound positive effect on our physical and psychological health. This manual offers a step-by-step guide to perform HRV-training at home.

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Elite HRV app manual (free download)

The ”Elite HRV” app is a biofeedback app, that enables HRV-training at home.  The app measure heart rate via a sensor, for example the Polar H10 or the Kyto HRV monitor. The Elite HRV app is free and can be downloaded from Google Play and the App store.

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Biofeedback Treatment of Hypertension

  • Online self-study course offering a full biofeedback protocol for treatment of hypertension
  • Learn tools to teach the patient HRV (Heart Rate Variability) training and hand warming
  • Both techniques have proven effective in the treatment of hypertension
  • Earn 6 CE points for BCIA recertification
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BCIA Biofeedback Didactic Education (online course)

  • Self-paced online biofeedback didactic program
  • Covering the full 42-hour BCIA Biofeedback blueprint of knowledge
  • EMG, Heart rate (BVP/ECG), respiration, skin conductance and hand temperature
  • 30 minutes of mentoring included
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BCIA HRV Certification preparation exam (test exam)

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